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Valerie Delva is the SVP, Director, Health Strategy, North America based in Ketchum's New York office. She leads health strategy and ensures client programming is integrated, cross-functional and taps the many categories of expertise Ketchum has as an agency.

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Creativity Designed to SOLVE Problems

Last month, I found myself preparing to present at the United Nations alongside a group of top social impact entrepreneurs. We were all finalists in a global competition by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) non-profit SOLVE, which focuses on “solving the world’s most pressing challenges through open innovation and partnership.” Many of the finalists had businesses and start-ups that were years in the making, and were regarded as leaders in their respective fields of refugee education, carbon emissions and chronic diseases.

My colleague Anne Marie Kearns and I came up with an innovative cancer literacy approach that leveraged artificial intelligence to help address cancer burden in developing countries. I truly believe in the idea. It could potentially impact lives and, suddenly, it all felt real once I took to the stage.

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Healthcare in 2017: Yes, your doctor will be human. No, fake news cannot be ignored.

From the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, this month kicked off a series of environment-setting and industry-shaping conferences for the year. So like many communications professionals taking a look at the year ahead for clients and their organizations, I made my way through a volume of 2017 trends, predictions, insights and counter predictions from various experts (a good, quick read is the PwC Top Health Industry Issues of 2017: A Year of Uncertainty and Opportunity).

As one would expect, we will continue to see drug pricing scrutiny, health reform uncertainties, cross-sector collaborations, and a fervent focus on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. We will also experience a new level of excitement around the promise of CAR T-cell therapies (FierceBiotech shares insights on upcoming milestones here) and the high expectations for CRISPR (I particularly like this VOX overview).

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In the War on Cancer, We All Play a Role in Scaling Progress

Ketchum recently supported The Economist Events team as the PR agency for their second annual War on Cancer Forum: Scaling Progress. The event brought together patient advocates and cross-sector experts from technology, finance, analytics, policy, medicine and more for a full day of brainstorming, dialogue and debate.

As a health communicator, sitting in a room with leaders from such diverse backgrounds served as a critical reminder on the counsel we need to provide: When we advise on strategy and craft communications campaigns, we need to advocate for and put into practice more integrated, cross-sector approaches to PR. This is especially crucial in healthcare.

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