Is There Public Permission for Technological Innovation in Food?

Melissa Kinch speaking at Future Food Tech.

From feeding a growing world population with the same land and resources, eliminating food waste, improving nutrition for people everywhere, and reducing farming’s environmental impact, our world has a lot of food challenges on its plate.

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The Evolution of Data in PR: From Analysis to Synthesis

Data is no longer a “nice to know” topic – it is now established at the very frontier of PR, and those who truly understand how to use it to drive client programs will be able to succeed by orders of magnitude over those who don’t.

It’s also fair to say that we in PR are simply not yet harnessing data’s full power. But what’s holding us back? I see three core barriers and three key evolutions that communicators must address if we’re going to succeed in the long run.

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Managing Millennials: Listen More

It’s no secret employers are eager to understand how to engage the Millennial generation taking over their workforce.

In a time and industry increasingly focused on diversity and inclusion, we cannot forget the crucial role that age plays. Different generations provide opportunities for fresh perspectives and diversity of thought and, perhaps more notably, a need for inclusion.

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Easy to Criticise – Harder to Get It Right

Now that the dust is settling on the United Airlines saga, what else is there to say about this latest example of the power of unhappy customers armed with smartphones to turn a badly-handled service issue into a full-blown reputation firestorm?

This one ticked all the boxes, with screaming headlines, stern editorials, social media memes, threats of a boycott in China (where United is the largest US carrier), and almost $1 billion wiped off the value of the company. This was evidently regarded as a buying opportunity for some investors: the stock quickly recovered.

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Earth Day: Three Ways to Start Engaging Digitally on April 22

We have been celebrating Earth Day for 47 years and, over time, more and more people have been engaged in raising awareness for the need to be conscious about our planet and taking action to preserve it. But the earth is too fragile for us not to think that Earth Day should be every day.

While April 22 is the official day of observance, and its messaging is extending throughout the month of April, we know the volume of social conversation around it is incredibly high and can be hard to break through. But don’t let that stop you—there are lots of simple ways to engage digitally that will benefit you and your brand.

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Community Management: The Right Way to Engage Consumers

As a professional who manages communities across an array of brands and industries, I’ve seen my fair share of questionable behavior. I’ve been tasked to cover a wide range of responses—from Twitter trolls taking over your notifications to someone just dropping by to say they love a product—I’ve experienced it all. The biggest lesson learned is that you have got to be prepared for everything and anything consumers throw your way.

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Breaking Through for Our Employees

At Ketchum, we pride ourselves on being an agency that is recognized for delivering break through work for brands throughout the world. We are known for our award-winning creative and innovative ideas. However, an agency doesn’t deliver great work. The people who work for the agency do.

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A Game of Snap: Q1 Social Media Updates

Three months into the year and we’ve already seen huge innovation from the major social media platforms. There’s also been several copycat maneuvers. Here’s what we’ve spotted.

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Time to Shift Gears on the Driverless Car?

As communicators, our job is to understand where our audience is starting its journey. Our communications plan acts as a strategic roadmap, clearly lighting the path from point A to point B.

That was the genesis of Ketchum’s Next-Gen Guide to the Connected Ride, a study of close to 1,000 16- to 24-year olds’ views on the future of transportation.

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Spring Cleaning: Who Moved My Click?

With so much content flying across our screens on a daily basis, it can be hard for brand communicators to figure out the best way to get a message across and ensure someone sees it. The “click-through” has long been a holy grail of measurement when it comes to an understanding of the effectiveness of a digital channel in the marketing mix but those days are drawing to a close.

If “content exposure” becomes the hot new signal that attributes marketing success, new platforms that champion passive scrolling, or the use of video, will be the most highly prioritized destinations for a client’s content to live. Putting this shift into context against Adweek’s Digital Hot List, it opens a window for today’s bravest marketers to get in early with creative programming that uses the unique attributes of today’s trending communities.

With spring ramping up here in the Northeast and summer staring at us in the face, what should you know about the technology that consumers will be “thumb-stopping” on while laying poolside? Let’s take a post-Hot List swing around the icons:

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