Are you a Smarketer?

At a recent industry conference, Joyce Boland, VP of Global Applications Marketing at Oracle, discussed the need for talent in the industry she coined as “smarketers” – people who can bridge the divide between data and marketing to tell the right data stories, and communicate what the numbers mean in an impactful way to key decision makers and stakeholders. As digital research and analytics professionals, people in our field are in the greatest position to plug this gap, and the best way for us to do it is by taking advantage of the multiple data sources at our disposal to guide and counsel our clients.

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Hard Target: An Employee Behavior Change Approach to Cyber-Security

Big or small, publicly held or privately owned, every business is worried it will be the next victim of a cyber-attack.

They’re right to be concerned.

Hackers launch thousands of attacks each day to gain access to private networks and sensitive data. With the average cost of each successful data breach approaching $4 million, the cyber-attack pandemic is like a lottery no business wants to play: millions of chances each year to lose millions of dollars.

To defend themselves, companies worldwide will spend more than $80 billion on cyber-security hardware, software and services in 2017. But that investment will do little to address one of the weakest links in the data security defense chain: employee behavior.

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Your Definition of Micro-Influencer Is Probably Wrong

Before you roll your eyes at this click-baity title, at least finish reading this sentence, where I predict that when you hear the term micro-influencer, you think “small” influencer who isn’t a mega YouTube star, Instagram celebrity or blogger just yet. If I was right, then the rest of this post will be useful to you, because that definition is wrong.

Why does it even matter, you say? The short answer is, you might get duped, you’ll likely get subpar content, and your engagement will be low. More on that later.

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The Summer Fellow Experience

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as the Partner/SVP, Global Talent Acquisition is participating in our Summer Fellows program. I’m always inspired by the bright, talented and creative candidates coming into the communications field. Seeing the Fellows grow over the course of the program is so gratifying. Our 10 weeks together always fly by.

Before it ends each year, I meet with the Fellows to hear about their experiences. This year, I wanted to share the experiences of two our Summer Fellows with you.

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Political uncertainty leads to economic uncertainty, which, in turn, leads to business uncertainty as people fear for their job security and the future success of their company. What people want, and need, during tough times is strong leadership.

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Get More From Your Content: How Brands Can Balance Sounding Too “Corporate”

Think about the music you love; the podcasts you listen to; the TV shows you watch. Heck, think of your oldest friends.

Do any of these things or people have voices that you just can’t stand? Probably not. We like things and people that sound pleasant to our ears. No one ever said, “I love this show because the main character sounds like a very sad cat,” or “I love this magazine because it bitterly condescends to me.”

Any successful voice must be appealing to its audience. This goes for brands as well as human beings (for now we will leave out animals and their emotional states, however valid).

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Communications Lessons from the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

Healthcare spending has comprised a very large and growing portion of the U.S. economy for decades, and healthcare policy is a constant in the national media dialogue. At the same time, even with those two fundamentals remaining largely unchanged, there is a massive shift taking place where consumers, driven by Millennials and GenZ (and GenZennials), have taken ownership of their personal wellness in an unprecedented way. Traditional healthcare providers, and newer alternative wellness companies, are succeeding in the marketplace by taking notice and connecting with young consumers who increasingly view their “health” equal to their “wealth.” Therefore, coining a new train of thought: “Well-thy.”

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Forget a Successful Career. Invest in a Successful Life.

I recently had the pleasure of giving the commencement speech at Modul University in Vienna. In my remarks I shared three principles, which have either knowingly or unknowingly forged my career and life. I hope they resonate with both recent graduates entering the workforce, and any professional looking to invest in both their professional and personal happiness.

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A Pilot’s Guide to Conference Calls

I’ve been on a couple of conference calls recently that were great reminders of everything that’s challenging about these valuable, yet inescapable, staples of office life.

They also reminded the pilot in me of what we can all do to make conference calls more productive.

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Taking a Spontaneous Leap Often Begins with a Plan

People who know me would surely list among my attributes as being very organized as well as a thoughtful, creative and yes, at times, anal planner. And they’re both true. I enjoy thinking ahead and planning to ensure I get to see those I care about, do the things that matter and enjoy the meaningful moments in my life while working work around them. While some would argue it’s about putting the big rocks in first, I would take it back a step and say it’s really about knowing what the big rocks are.

But sometimes the secret to enjoying life is adopting a seize-the-moment mentality. To leap ahead and quickly say yes to something you never would have imagined. It’s about the times you have but a moment to respond – “Do you want to join and go on vacation to…” or “I have an extra ticket to tonight’s….” In those moments, yes is almost always my answer and I figure out the details later.

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