What Responsibility Do Organizations Have to Be Transparent with Their Publics?

If an organization wants a strong reputation, and all of the benefits that come with it, then it has a significant responsibility to be transparent. Why — what’s the business case?

Interestingly, transparency is not a responsibility that has always been a fundamental requirement for a company. In the past, it was fine for a company to tightly control the information it revealed. Years ago, many companies treated the public like mushrooms: they kept them in the dark.

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The Migration from Digital to Phygital

The world is set to undergo the next evolutionary phase in digital communication – and, for once, it has little to do with technology. Instead it will be about how brands communicate with content-hungry audiences and become fully connected in all aspects of their lives, whether they’re visiting their local supermarket or checking out their favorite brands online. It’s a year where experiential marketing will speak much louder than technological innovations.

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Finding Social Inspiration In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

When looking for creative and innovative ways to share a brand’s story, we often find inspiration from Fortune 100 brands, inspiring purpose-driven organizations or from no-holds-barred start-ups. But sometimes, we can discover inspiration in unlikely and often uncharted territory for communications professionals. Yesterday, NASA hosted a press conference to announce its discovery of seven new Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star (a mere 235 trillion miles away), and opened the event up to the public by allowing curious community members to #AskNASA any question on their social platforms. NASA also had a session with Reddit and Ask Me Anything (AMA) after the press conference.

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Spoiler Alert: The Oscars are About Making Connections

Quite a few years ago I started hosting an Oscar party at my house where a group of friends gather to eat, drink, cast their votes, and watch the results roll in. It’s an eclectic group from various parts of my life that usually includes someone who is in from out of town.

Some are a bit obsessed with the red carpet and can be heard weighing in: “Oh my God what was she thinking; that looks like a prom dress!” “Nothing special, meh.” “That cut, that color, it must be vintage Dior (Versace, Chanel…).” “Now we’re talking; that dress says and does it all!” Others have their pulse on the latest gossip including who is dating whom, who got a movie deal, who had a recent health scare and, of course, details of the latest scandal.

But other than a night spent with friends and the thrill of predicting winners, what are we all really looking for as we watch the Oscars? As we cheer for the underdog, give thumbs up for our favorites or engage in some heated banter over why a movie deserves the recognition more than another, aren’t we really just looking for connections?

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Programmatic Ads: Is the Proof in the Pudding?

When my programmatic writing wheels started turning, my mind immediately swung comfortably to the search, social, native and video pieces on my imaginary, but personally preferred, paid media chess board. There I could easily talk about the who, what, when, where, why, and how I want to target – along with what the results would be – but there was an investigatory puzzle piece missing.

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Four Disruptions That Will Change Your Employee and Customer Experience

Trend tracking is an integral business tool that can give companies a leg-up on their competition, help predict areas of growth and gain insight into the minds of consumers. With 2016 in the rear-view, now is the time to focus on ways to advantageously position your company for success. Here are four disruptions organizations need to prepare for, as they will change employee and customer experiences.

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CSR: Will The Private Sector Pass the Test?

Despite the urban/rural divide that political winds have carried with recent events in Great Britain, the United States and other countries, and potential changes to current environmental and social-economic structures, companies have a choice to make: Will they increase their advocacy and investment in Purpose (CSR, social and environmental issues), or will they take advantage of reduced regulation and pressure and deprioritize their responsibilities to the environment and society?

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Getting Engaged on Valentine’s Day: Winning Hearts and Minds on the Internet

Never forget, the internet is a network of people, and the most successful brands are those that are human. In the spirit of a holiday dedicated to winning the hearts and minds of your audience, regardless of its size, here are eight engagement tips for your organization to apply in its communications approach on Valentine’s Day.

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How Communicators Are Adapting to the Trump Era

Every new presidential administration brings changes along with it. Since President Trump’s inauguration, the public relations discipline is already adapting to this new normal. I recently spoke on a PR Council panel about how to effectively communicate in a “Trump World.” Perhaps the most discussed topic was that, even though the President has only been in office for a couple of weeks, the rules of engagement have drastically changed.

From “Skype seats” in the White House briefing room to “guidance” on how reporters should cover the administration, the media landscape has been democratized and communicators need a new playbook for how to engage with influencers and reporters. Furthermore, how communicators and others are adapting to the landscape is an important and evolving case study for the public relations discipline.

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Reputation Management: A Blueprint for 2017

2017, a year of significant change in many parts of the world for sure. What will it hold for organizations in the area of reputation management? A new year always brings new challenges in an ever-evolving reputational threat landscape. But it also inevitably includes imperatives which are seemingly timeless and risks we can anticipate year after year.

With that in mind, here are seven observations, potential watch-outs and recommendations for brands and organizations as we begin the year:

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