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Meet the CMOs of Tomorrow: The Cannes Young Lions Marketers Competition

17 teams, representing the top young marketing duos from as many countries, converged at Cannes with just 20 hours to solve a creative challenge and present a marketing brief on a global stage before a panel of esteemed judges—all for the chance to win a prestigious Gold Lion.

Ketchum has sponsored the Cannes Young Lions Marketers Competition for the past six years. Just like the spirit of our training program Camp Ketchum, the competition brings together the brightest and most creative marketing minds from around the world to solve an important client challenge. Also like Camp Ketchum, the Young Lions Marketers Competition is a platform for our agency to mentor, inspire and develop young talent in the industry.

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A Place for VR and IRL at the Beach and at the Communications Table: Ketchum Launches Ketchum VR

From the beaches of Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival this week, to the beaches of Rio for the upcoming Olympic Games, this summer brands will turn out more VR content than ever before. In fact, Deloitte Global projected VR will hit $700m in hardware sales in 2016, with roughly 2.5 million VR headsets and 10 million game copies to be sold. As VR breaks out of the early adopter phase and finds its way into the homes of millions more people, Ketchum is already taking clients into this virtual future.

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Fishing For Your Sole

Early each morning here on the French Riviera, anglers can be seen casting their lines in search of a perfect catch.  Their leathery, tanned skin and white hair are outward reflections of their age and love for fishing.  And they are reminders that we are all, no matter our age, hoping to snare a big one.

Here at the Cannes Creativity Festival, the big fish is a lion-shaped trophy of creative affirmation. Most of the winners bounding to the stage are young, mirroring the industry.

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A Former Ad Guy’s Take on PR at Cannes

A little about myself: My name is Gabriel Araujo, I am 33 years old, from Brazil, and it should be known that I am a creative and restless person. Since the age of 15 I’ve known I wanted to be in advertising. The day I saw the first print ad I created run in the newspaper was glorious. So, am I still creating advertising all these years later? No—I’m a member of the PR industry. Can an “ad guy” be happy in PR?

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Let’s Make a Movie: Live at Cannes!

When brands and artists hammer out plans to create content together, it usually happens behind closed doors. That notion was shattered at Cannes Lions yesterday, where I had the pleasure of moderating, “The Art of the Deal: Let’s Make a Movie.” The Ketchum-sponsored session (our second, following last year’s music-based panel) brought together Hershey’s CMO Peter Horst (*client) and TV personality, podcaster and movie director Adam Carolla for a lively discussion about how they could collaborate on a branded film project.

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Virtually Nothing is Impossible at Cannes

It’s early in the week at Cannes, and the unusual quiet has given me time to take in the sights and activities before the true madness begins.

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Cannes Most Wanted: Inspiration, Immersion & Whiplash

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is one the largest and most highly respected global events in our industry. Originally devoted to Advertising, it was recast as a festival and awards program focused on creativity in 2009, elevating the event to a broader celebration of creativity across all forms of marketing communications.

With more than 500 stage events and sessions over 8 days and nightly award shows — 43,000+ award entries submitted across 24 categories — there is so much to do, see and be inspired by at Cannes.

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Crystal Balling the Cannes Festival of Creativity

When the wise people at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity put together eight days of inspiring content for the international creative elite, they are curating workshops and sessions to hit the big issues keeping creative leaders up at night.

This year’s lineup looks provocative, marked by a whiff of alarm around how truly difficult it has become to cut through all of the content pollution. After poring over hundreds and hundreds of seminar titles and descriptions, here’s what I expect will be the buzz on the Riviera (click to tweet).

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