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Want to be a Ketchum Summer Fellow? Game On!

So, how does a company that gets 2,000 plus internship applications go about selecting the best, most qualified candidates out of the pack?

Historically Ketchum has relied heavily on past internship experience as the primary selection criteria for our Summer Fellow Program. And while this strategy has proven very successful, we couldn’t help but wonder, were we using the best method to identify top talent? Was our selection process enabling us to see beyond a resume? Was our selection method limiting us from broadening and diversifying our talent pool?

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Not Your Textbook PR Internship

As important as college is to building foundational knowledge, I think it’s often misrepresented as the place where you learn everything you need to know in order to land your dream job and be successful. Perhaps some majors work better than others in this model.

But in my experience, in the realm of public relations, only so much can be taught in lecture halls. Over the course of my internship with Ketchum, I have learned that the best way to develop the skills essential to thrive in PR is through hands-on experience.

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